100W Cool White PIR Sensor-LED Flood Light Direct 220V AC


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100W Cool White PIR Sensor-LED Flood Light Direct 220V AC 100W Cool White PIR Sensor-LED Flood Light Direct 220V AC

Quick View :

 A PIR (passive infra-red) motion detector is used to sense movement of people, animals, or other objects.

They can be  used in automatically-activated lighting systems for energy saving


·           1.Modern Light Body Design

·       2. Portable Floodlight

·       3. Die-Casting Aluminum Casing And High Intensity Toughened Glass Cover

·       4. High Efficiency And Power Factor Led Driver, Wide Input Voltage Range

·       5. Instant On And Flicker Free

·       6. High Waterproof Rate, IP65, Suitable For Outdoor Lighting

·       7. High Shock & Vibration Resistant

·       8. Ideal Heat Dissipation, Ultra-Low Optic Attenuation

·       9. No UV & IR, No Blinking And No Mercury & Lead Free, 100% Environmental Friendly

·       10. Patented Fixture Design And Led Package Technology

·       11. Energy Saving System, Saving 50% Energy Than The Conventional Metal Halide Lamp, Sodium Light .

·       12. Sens, Time And Lux Buttons Ensure The Flexibility Or Application In Different Situations


Flood Light

·                    Rated Voltage:AC185-265V

·       Led Quantity:1 Pcs Of COB LED

·       Led Efficiency:90-100 L/W

·       Detection Distance:2-12 Meters (Adjustable)

·       Color Temp.:6000-7000K Cool White ,3500-4000k Warm white .   

·       Protection Class:IP65

·       Lamp Shell Color: Grey /Black

·       Wiring(Default):Brown->L, Blue->N, Yellow & Green->Earth

 ·       Lifespan:>50000h

PIR Detector Characteristics

 ·        Detection angle : 180°Detection range:2-12m (25℃)

·        Delay time :15 seconds ~ 8 minutes

·        Environmental illumination: 2lux ~ 2000lux

·        Operating temperature :-10℃ ~ 40℃

·        Operating humidity:<90%

·        Material : ABS inflaming retarding

·        Install height:1.8m ~ 2.5m

·        Install way:open ,Knob facing down



1. LUX: Adjust the working time (Day or Night)

A. Sun position (Maximal): the sensor will work for the whole daytime.

B. Moon position (Minimum): the sensor will work only at night automatically.

2. TIME: Adjust the delay time of the sensor (6sec~6min)

3. SENS: Adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.


·        Restaurant, Garden, Hotels, Ambient lighting  or Art galleries.

Installation instructions :

* Caution: The Brown wire is Firewire; blue wire is Netural wire; green-yellow wire is Ground wire!

 Please follow this instructions below if have problem with the PIR Light

·        Turn LUX control to maximum to set up unit in daylight (or night)

·        Turn TIME control to minimum, typically light stays on for about 6 seconds

·        Turn SENS control to minimum – this unit is very sensitive to movement

·        Cover the sensor with a cloth, cardboard or tape

Now Power it.Light comes on for 6 seconds and then goes off

NOW you can remove the cover and make adjustments (adjustments made in the installation period do not turn off the light)

·                       At dusk, adjust LUX anticlockwise so unit JUST does not operate. As it gets darker test it by walking or moving your hand in front of it. Turn it clockwise a tiny amount if it still does not illuminate to a moving hand.

·                       Increase SENS clockwise if you need to – perform walk tests – unit is much more sensitive to walking across the field of view than walking towards the PIR lamp unit

Finally, adjust TIME to give the length of illumination you need after a movement is detected


* 3  month : for manufacturing faults .

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